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Medical referral through medical specialists

In case of mental problems or in a crisis you can consult your family doctor, psychiatrist or psychotherapist, and together with them arrange for any inpatient treatment in our private clinic.


Self-admittance in a crisis

If your mental health crisis requires immediate treatment, you can also go directly to Psychiatrie Baselland Central Admissions
(telephone +41 61 553 56 56). A doctor or other specialist will welcome you and arrange for the necessary measures to be taken.


Visiting the private clinic and general questions

  • If you are not yet familiar with our private clinic, would you like to pay us a visit?
  • Do you have any questions about the treatments we offer?

Why not arrange an appointment? We'll show you round, and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact Christian Büchenbacher, the private clinic’s Head of Nursing.    

Tel. +41 61 553 54 31, E-mail       christian.buechenbacher(at)

How you can prepare your stay in the private clinic

Follow our checklist to prepare for your inpatient treatment in our private clinic:
Checklist entry

Financing your stay

Our services are designed for adults of all ages with supplementary insurance (private or semi-private). They are also open to self-funders and those with general insurance (a surcharge will be payable).

Online registration

You can enter the registration directly with the following online registration forms. The registration will be sent encrypted by e-mail to the central office, the data protection is guaranteed.