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Checklist entry

What must I have with me?

As a rule you only need normal everyday clothing in the private clinic. We therefore recommend that you pack the following items:

  • indoor and outdoor clothing
  • weatherproof outdoor clothing (shoes, anorak or rain jacket)
  • comfortable sportswear and trainers
  • pyjamas
  • slippers
  • toiletries
  • hair dryer
  • cash for personal needs.

We provide towels, bed linen and a dressing gown.

The clinic has a fitness centre and gym that you can also use outside treatment hours.

Please bring the following items with you as well:

  • identity card, residence permit for foreign nationals or passport
  • the current insurance card from your health insurer
  • a current list of your medication (please contact us if you have any questions about this)
  • blood sugar record book, anticoagulant card
  • your living will If you have one
  • Items such as glasses; reading glasses, hearing aid (batteries!), dentures, walking stick, rollator
  • proof of your supplementary insurance.

If you have any questions about insurance cover, please contact Patient Administration at patientenadministration(at)

What else do I need to feel at ease and stay in contact with my friends?

  • mobile phone and charger
  • notebook/tablet and charger
  • books and magazines
  • diary, notebook, address book
  • writing utensils
  • your favourite game
  • handicrafts
  • your favourite photos

You have free radio and television in your room at the private clinic, and you also have WiFi access free of charge. You can obtain phone cards for a landline connection. The room also has a small fridge with drinks.

What should I not bring with me?

  • Substantial sums of money and valuable jewellery
  • Alcohol, illegal substances and CBT (cannabis oil) are not allowed in the clinic.
  • Dangerous objects (weapons, knives, tools, scissors)
  • Motor vehicles: Please leave your car at home, as driving motor vehicles is not permitted during your inpatient stay.

What do I need to organise prior to admission?

  • If you would like to receive mail during your stay, we recommend that you give Swiss Post a redirection instruction.
  • Try to arrange your doctor's appointments and other check-ups before entering the clinic
  • Tell your family doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist that you are about to be admitted.
  • Notify your employer of your absence in good time.

Your postal address at the private clinic is:

Your name and surname

Psychiatrie Baselland


Bienentalstrasse 7

CH–4410 Liestal 

Tel. +41 (0)61 553 54 30

How do I get to the Psychiatrie Baselland private clinic?

We recommend the use of public transport. On arrival please report to reception or directly to Central Admissions in block C.


Line 78, destination Frenkendorf. Get off at the Munzach stop, which is 300 metres from the clinic.


Regional trains and express trains to Liestal station.

On foot

Starting from the opposite side of Liestal station from the main station square, walk along Munzachstrasse to the Weihermätteli park and Psychiatrie Baselland.


From Liestal station to Psychiatrie Baselland, Bienentalstrasse 7, 4410 Liestal.